It’s wonderful when our clients and customers take a moment to write a note of thanks about our associates. Here are just a few things that people are saying about us:

You execute everything for us – what a great partnership!

Paul Filak, Area Sales Manager
Nature Nate’s Honey Co.

We engaged the JOH team in a number of markets simultaneously with various customers on multiple business priorities. I am happy to report that we have advanced the ball in every case and built the beginnings of strong relationships with your team and our customers.

Frankly, your team has exceeded expectations for business results and professionalism. In today’s world, we are all too quick to criticize and too slow to praise. While our relationship is young, we are proud to be partnered with JOH.

Mike Smith, SVP Sales
Spice World

Filippo Berio USA has achieved significant success due to the tenacity and support from one of JOH’s account executives, Ron Briggs. Ron has proven to be a valuable team player with strong customer relationships and an aptitude for delivering on new growth opportunities. With his support, we secured 120 shippers at one customer, landed a new customer and ran our first ever cross-channel marketing event at another. I thoroughly enjoy working with Ron and the entire JOH team. Looking forward to building on this success and achieving more of our target objectives!

Kelly Evers, Region Sales Manager – Midwest
Filippo Berio USA


I want to thank you for all of your effort, persistence and time. And, of course, the great job Pat Buckley and the JOH team do by bringing new customers to the Vital Farms brand. A particular large New England customer was a big priority for us this year and we couldn’t have done this without you! We really appeciate all you’ve done to get our brand to shelf!

Jay Phillips, Senior Sales Manager – East Coast
Vital Farms

KartSmartr has been instrumental in helping us quickly navigate the Instacart landscape; driving increased sales and category share, while helping us use our budget wisely.

Nathan Hayden, Director of Consumer Marketing
Blount Fine Foods

Bahlsen Logo

I’d like to praise Kathy Ascolillo, our Customer Service Supervisor at JOH. She has been unbelievably hands-on and supportive in order processing, particularly given current customer challenges due to the pandemic. She is consistently quick to respond and offer assistance when I ask for added support from JOH after we exhaust our internal resources. Kathy is a phenomenal addition to our team and she makes things flow smoothly and efficiently. Thank you, Kathy!

Mark Lannutti, Distributor & Sales Operations Manager, Bahlsen North America Inc.

Maddison Tassinari is an absolute ROCK STAR! She has been incredibly helpful with all of the digital jobs we’ve worked on. Maddison gets her work done quickly and she gets it done right – the first time. I am so glad to have her as an extension of my team. She truly is an asset to me and to JOH as a whole!

Alexandra Pearson, National Accounts Senior Manager, Food and Drug Channel, Philips

Working with Ted Breitowich and other JOH associates has been a blessing. Whether it is bringing us new opportunities or fixing problems, I’m hearing nothing but positive feedback from everyone here who works with the JOH team.

It is refreshing and exciting to know there are still so many opportunities to grow our company, and we’re very glad to have Ted and the rest of the JOH team here to help us as we do!

Paul Alessi, Operations Manager, Vigo-Alessi

Over the past month, Carol Kusmirek has worked around the clock with me to ensure our customers are appropriately tended to and kept in the loop, especially if and when PO’s are delayed. Carol’s efforts have greatly impacted our relationships with our customers for the better; I’m not sure our continued successes would be possible without her help!

I wanted to reach out and commend Carol for all of her work and efforts. She has definitely gone above and beyond what is expected of her and I truly value our partnership together!

Stephanie Beaudoin, Director of Sales, East, Koia

Your team did an outstanding job on merchandising and incremental Apple Crisp Mix authorization at a major club store. The entire Concord Team appreciates all of JOH’s efforts. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Terence Dalton, President & Chief Executive Officer

I want to convey my sincerest gratitude to you for assisting Mariani in closing the loop on a past due payment from a large customer. It was an odd circumstance in how the delayed payment occurred, so we appreciate your efforts to dig in and elevate this issue to those who could make the decision to make payment. I’ve talked about this aged receivable every week for the past month – I’m glad that I won’t need to speak to it again 😊

Bob Hyland, Vice President, CPG Sales & Marketing, Mariani Packing Company

Hey Rich (Aronow),

You have been doing a tremendous job for us; always lending great perspective/advice and identifying specific nuances that have helped us obtain a very good position in year one.

We appreciate all the support, effort, knowledge and attitude! You’re the best.


Danny Tussy, National Account Manager, Sun Bum

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates testimonial

Terrific introduction! JOH advised on the expected process and procedures and the team went beyond expectations! Communication was terrific. The entire team was able to get our brand introduced and review immediate opportunities! Couldn’t have asked for better support. JOH doesn’t pitch a process, they live it!

Brian Susslin, Director of Sales, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

We were fortunate enough to partner with JOH almost two years ago. We were immediately blown away with the focus, professionalism and hard work of each of the associates we worked with in their marketplace. They brought excellent insight and skills as well as outstanding relationships in the market.

We are very happy and fortunate to have found such a great partner in JOH!

Chris Peach, Vice President, Retail Sales, Butterball

We want to thank you for all the ways you have supported Renys over the years. We truly value our partnership with you and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

John Reny, President & CEO, Renys

I wanted to reach out to express how pleased I am with how the Sprout meeting went last week. Thanks to the strong relationships you have, it could not have gone any better.

The JOH team came to the meeting prepared and clearly had preliminary conversations with the decision makers. This led to a very successful meeting for all parties involved. The partnerships you have is one of the reasons we have had so much success over the last few years. Based on last week’s meeting, I am confident that success will only accelerate moving forward.

Strong relationships and partnerships are what this business is all about!

Greg Sherger, Director of Sales, Sprout Organic Foods

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we at Jack Link’s appreciated Pete Kenyon’s help with the success of our new Jack Link’s and Lorissa’s Kitchen items at one of our largest drugstore customers.

Progress was made at our top-top where we laid the groundwork for our meat snacks evolving from an in-line set to a permanent end cap. Prep included: in-depth analytics, case studies, many POG meetings and testing concepts. In the end, persistence pays and we gained final approval by our buying and merchandising team.

Pete’s effort and professionalism are first class. From start to completion, he went above and beyond. I needed to take the time to let you know and say thank you to Pete and JOH!

Tom Leamer, National Account Manager, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates testimonial

Since moving our business to your Pittsburgh office we have experienced excellent follow-through and total communication. Bob Wilson was instrumental in correcting our pricing and promotional programs, while securing performance in the independent groups. Bob is a terrific ambassador for our brand in the Pittsburgh Market.

Thank you for the attention to detail!”

Kevin Reardon, Dean Foods

You guys are the best. A major NY retailer did not have distribution of our 4C Cheese in the correct aisle until JOH’s Ted Karmann visited the store. He went in several times to make the change while ensuring dual placement in the correct aisle with the other grated cheeses. He finally succeeded and got two items with dual placement, but he didn’t stop there. He returned a few weeks later and was able to get dual placement on the remaining two items. Thank you so much for your follow up. Most people would have just settled for where we were, but you guys went the extra mile to fix the problem. Great job! This is much appreciated.

Dan Vassalotti, Vice President of Sales, 4C Foods Corp.

You have done an OUTSTANDING job in leading the customer service efforts with all of our Northeast customers. Your dedication and ownership of our brand has really stood out. Each day we faced a new issue with a customer, you met each challenge head on and helped us navigate through it.

Another challenge I’d like to call out is specific to the learning curve of our new Customer Service team. Our Ft. Worth team is new to our retail business so I appreciate the time and guidance you provided when the team faced issues.

Keep up the great work!

Charles Sardo, Director of Sales – East, Ventura Foods

Another outstanding year! You broke another plateau … up 28% and you blew away your budget of 22%. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Chad Nichols, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Sugar Foods Corporation

Great to hear the news about our success inside one of our newest customers! This was mostly due to your knowledge and relationship with the account and the buyer, and more importantly, the spot-on data analysis that Lindsay composed. This was great teamwork on the part of JOH. I am certain this is just the first of many successes you will bring to Olé.

Michael Pollack, Regional Sales Director, Ole’ Mexican Foods

Just a quick note of thanks to you and your team. Liv DeAndrea took the initiative to sell in a pallet program for Herbal Water! This is absolutely fantastic and the sort of strong selling we need on this brand. It is also a perfect example of why JOH is known as the best selling team in the business.

I also want to mention that Pat Scanlon and his crew are fantastic. Great work all around. Thank you!

Nicole LaFlamme, Sales Director, Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

We’re so lucky to be part of the JOH family and truly look forward to a bright future working together as a team.

Adam Biggs, SVP Sales, C2O Pure Coconut Water

I have to recognize the JOH team for mapping out a plan for Red Gold and implementing it. The results speak for themselves. In my eyes, this is the poster child of flawless joint business planning and perfect multifunctional collaboration driving new strategy and results.

Further recognition is due for overcoming some landmines during execution. Great adaptability and agility prevailed.

This was a true team effort delivering sustainable results.

John E. Negray, National Sales Director, Red Gold Inc.

Beth McGuire has helped me tremendously with developing the Calbee North America business, knowing your market and customers and doing so with the utmost consideration and professionalism that I have ever witnessed. Beth really helped me understand how to approach each and every customer as well as growing our business collectively to great heights. Her account is by far the best performing account in my marketplace and I really owe this all to her.

Thank you, Beth, for a job so WELL DONE!

Rob Mell, East Coast Sales Manager, Calbee North America

Congrats on a great job with one of our major accounts. In retail, we know that any volume we get isn’t a guarantee for the following year. So the fact that we are kicking off this year with a bang on seasonal and have locked in numerous new items, all in the first month of the new fiscal year, is a huge success. I just wanted to make sure you know how much I value you, your team and our relationship with JOH. Here’s to hitting new records with this account this year…sky’s the limit!

Kirk Avedisian, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Continental Mills

It was great working stores with the JOH team in the Harrisburg, PA area. Distribution, shelf placement and rotation were all very good. Your team secured secondary locations for our product and discussed our Gluten Free offerings. We really appreciate everything JOH does for us. You guys are total pros. It is a pleasure working with you!

Jimmy Matthews, Regional Retail Sales Manager, House-Autry Mills, Inc.

Thank you so much for your team’s top-notch merchandising support during the Coolio test! Your team has been very dedicated and resourceful during this test period. The audit results that the JOH team have collected will help us analyze the performance and determine future enhancements for Driscoll’s Berries.

Diane Kirkpatrick, Merchandising Project Manager, Driscoll’s

Your team has done an excellent job pursuing, and now capturing market share from one of our largest competitors. With the great momentum we have established, we should see a sustainable market share advantage. Thank you for all your support. We truly appreciate your partnership and shared passion for the brand. Good selling!

Glen Walter, VP of Retail Sales, Idahoan Foods

I just want to say great job with shippers this season, especially right into the summer months with the shippers at Stop & Shop. In a tough year weatherwise, I believe it has been these impactful shippers that enabled us to have a positive year – Thank you JOH.

Christopher Costello, National Sales Manager–Retail, Bigelow Tea

On behalf of Brady Enterprises, I would personally like to thank the entire JOH retail team for your excellent job merchandising and preselling Bell’s Seasoning shippers into key volume stores in the Northeast. Adding displays and brand exposure for Bell’s Seasoning right before the holiday rush is outstanding!

Chuck Kozubal, CEO, Brady Enterprises

Thanks for all your help this year. We moved so many cases of Crushed Tomatoes that day, it was insane. We never scratched one case thanks to Red Gold’s ability to get trucks to us fast.

Stephen Salotti, Grocery Replenishment Supervisor, Wakefern

My name is Terri Murray and I operate the 11 Massachusetts Turnpike locations for the Gulf Express/Cumberland/Gulf Group of Companies that stretch from Boston to the border of New York. 12 million people travel that road each year. A letter such as this from me should have been to you many times prior to now, and for many years now. I am taking this holiday season opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate partnering with your company and especially your treasured Representative, Kathy Buchanan. She is among a group of representatives that I feel lucky to have.

I surely know that when the business goes awry how quickly we communicate issues and failures, but great news comes a little slower.

Over the last 8 years that I have been on the Turnpike, JOH has bent over backwards to help us grow our business. Kathy has provided exceptional service and takes great pride in representing your Company. We have a wonderful partnership that grows both of our businesses. Not only has she ensured that the product is full and fresh with great image, but she has been my consultant, my mentor and my friend. She gives up personal time to help me with many promotions for the MA Turnpike Authority and the Mass DOT events. She has never let you down. She has never let me down.

Terri Murray, MA Turnpike Operations Manager, Gulf Oil LP/Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies

I wanted to reach out and just say that I had a great retail experience this week working with JOH. I was very impressed with the retail team. Sections looked great. Distribution was spot on. It is refreshing to see a marketplace in such great shape! Not only were the stores you took me to in great shape, but we were able to hit a bunch of stores in the area and they were all great. Some were a distance away in the middle of nowhere.

Again great meeting/working with you and I look forward to doing that again soon.

Chad Nichols, Regional Sales Manager, Sugar Foods Corporation

JOH has one heck of a team! You all worked hard to make it a great show. The pride, cooperation, follow-up and support have been amazing all year! I want to say THANK YOU to a great team. Be proud!

The Bozzuto’s Team