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JOH Mid-Atlantic Begins Transition as Gary Larkin Announces Retirement

September 20, 2016 – Billerica, MA – JOH has announced that after 37 years in the food industry, Gary Larkin, Executive Vice President of JOH Mid-Atlantic, will be retiring at the end of January 2017. Gary, along with his team from Mid- Atlantic Impact, joined JOH in 2010 and immediately propelled JOH to success along the East Coast.

“When we reflect back on why JOH is thriving and celebrating its 60th anniversary, it comes down to our people,” said John Saidnawey, President & COO of JOH. “Gary Larkin is a perfect example of the highest quality human being with a strong passion for doing what’s right.”

Gary’s career started in 1979 working for the James O. Brown Company, an independent food broker based in Pennsylvania. Seven years later he left to join Paul Nester and started the Paul Nester & Sons Company. With Gary’s much deserved retirement comes an exciting announcement as Pete Legambi has been promoted to EVP of JOH Mid-Atlantic.

Pete joined JOH in 2012 and is a 36-year veteran of the Mid-Atlantic food industry. He began his career as a retail merchandiser for RMI. Pete then worked on the distributor side at Gourmet World before returning to work as a food broker with Kluge Finkelstein, Richardson & Associates, Joseph Riley and finally Star Sales and Marketing, where he was a founding partner.

“With Pete’s dynamic leadership qualities, humble approach and never quit attitude, we have no doubt he will be very successful in his new role,” said Saidnawey.

Pete will have Profit and Loss responsibility for JOH Mid-Atlantic and will lead all Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, Retail Merchandising and Administration associated with the Mid-Atlantic region. Pete and Gary Larkin will be working closely over the next five months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

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