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JOH Announces Multiple Promotions for Analytics and Insights Team

JOH is proud to announce the promotion of several members of its Analytics and Insights team: Jane Buckley to Senior Insights Analyst; Nick Fanion to Data Operations Manager; and Kateryna Minichino to Senior Insights Analyst.

Jane Buckley began her career at JOH as an intern in 2017 and joined the team as a full-time JOH’er in the summer of 2018. Consistently demonstrating her leadership skills and adept knowledge of data science, Buckley is known throughout the office as the go-to individual when it comes to learning new tactics and technologies in the field. “I’m excited to continue learning, researching and understanding trends within the industry,” Buckley said. “There’s always something new to learn and share that will make a positive impact on our clients and customers!”

Outside of the office, Jane enjoys taking classes on her Peloton bike and playing volleyball, a sport she’s been a part of for over a decade.

Nick Fanion joined the JOH family in 2016. Since then he has been regularly diving into learning and using new and innovative data platforms. He is a strong driver of efficiency and advancement for the entire company. Fanion’s new title of Data Operations Manager is not only new for him, but for JOH. It demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to excellence and advancement for its clients and customers. “I’m excited to spend more time developing tools that provide real value for our clients and customers,” he said.

A resident of Somerville, Fanion has honed his cooking and baking skills throughout the pandemic. When the world re-opens, he is looking forward to going to concerts and traveling again.

Kateryna Minichino joined the team in the winter of 2017. Her extraordinary passion and drive to perform for her clients is a benefit to the entire JOH community. In her new role as Senior Insights Analyst, Minichino will continue serving as the lead point person for her clients’ analytics while also expanding her footprint in sales. “JOH gave me an opportunity to prove my potential,” Kateryna said. “I am always looking for new ways to learn and different responsibilities to take on, so this new position is incredibly exciting.”

Outside of her work at JOH, Minichino can often be found reading a good book or enjoying the outdoors; she and her husband Cory have climbed all but one of the tallest mountains in New England. The pair is also expecting their first baby boy in early spring.

Harry O’Hare Award Winner and Director of Analytics and Insights, Melissa Passalaqua, is looking forward to seeing the changes and advancements that Jane, Nick and Kateryna make as they take on their new roles. “Each person on this team brings something different to the table,” she said. “They understand their individual strengths and areas of proficiency, and they never hesitate to share those skills with other JOH’ers. I’m grateful to lead and learn from this fantastic team that brings so much value to our clients and customers.”