CBS Brokerage Joins JO’H Atlantic Partners

Billerica, MA - April 15, 2010

The Johnson, O’Hare Company is pleased to announce that CBS Brokerage, LLC has joined the JO’H Atlantic Partners in the Mid-Atlantic region. Dick Hartzell, Moe Emery and Bob Reitz will bring their veteran team of confection and grocery specialists to the Johnson, O’Hare family of companies. This addition provides full service coverage for all classes of trade in the New England, Albany and Mid-Atlantic markets for all customers which now includes Ahold USA Retail.

Chip O’Hare, President and CEO of Johnson O’Hare, commented, “The addition of CBS allows us to provide regional coverage of confection at Ahold while maintaining existing coverage for all of our customers in our respective markets.” John Saidnawey, COO of JO’H, added, “The CBS team is a perfect fit with JO’H! Our affiliation through JO’H Atlantic Partners makes us both stronger and will allow us to provide more value-added service to our clients and customers.” Dick Hartzell, President of CBS, had the following comment, “We are ecstatic! JO’H Atlantic Partners is the best organization for CBS as we move forward in our changing environment.”

Johnson, O’Hare and JO’H Atlantic Partners offer sales and marketing services and full service retail coverage from Baltimore/Washington and Richmond/Norfolk throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New England. JO’H offers local offices, local accountability and superior performance to cover all departments and classes of trade.

For more information, call Chip O’Hare, John Saidnawey or Kevin Shea at 978-663-9000 or Dick Hartzell, Moe Emery or Bob Reitz at 410-715-4080.

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